Date: 9/9/2002 7:02:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Super-User)

From: EarthLink Web Hosting Team <>
Subject:  Welcome to EarthLink Web Hosting!

Dear EarthLink Web Hosting Customer,

Thank you for choosing EarthLink to host your Web site!
We're sending you this message to welcome you to EarthLink
and help you launch your site.

Please read this email carefully: It contains important
information about your Web hosting account, including your
username and password.

Your Web Hosting account has been activated, and we're now
in the process of setting up your domain name in our system.
While you're waiting for your domain name to be set up, you
can start building your site and setting up your mailboxes
by using your EarthLink Web Hosting Control Center (see

If you have just registered a new domain name with the
purchase of your Web Hosting account, this process should be
complete within the next 24 hours. You don't have to do
anything, and your URL will go live automatically.

If you already have a registered domain name, you'll receive
a separate email from EarthLink that explains how to
transfer it. If you get that second email, please respond to
it immediately so that you can make your site live on the


The Control Center is your one-stop shop for managing your
new Web site, and we're adding useful new tools all the
time. At the Control Center, you can authorize other people
to assist you in site maintenance, set up email boxes, and manage
your files, as well as upgrade your Web hosting package and add
extra features. You'll also find some nifty tips for
promoting your site on the Web:

Once you reach the Control Center, you'll log in using your
domain name, username, and password. You might want to print
a copy of this message (and keep it in a safe and secure
place) so that you'll always have your username and password

Your domain name:
Your username: admin
Your password: v5h8ziie


There are many ways to create Web pages. EarthLink offers a
free, online Web site publishing tool called Click-n-Build,
which you can find by clicking the "Edit My Site" link at
the Control Center.

Your EarthLink Web hosting account is compatible with
Microsoft FrontPage.

You can also create Web pages using a Web site authoring
program like PageMill or DreamWeaver. You can then upload
them to your site via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Here is the information you'll need to enter in order to
configure your settings:

FTP Hostname:
FTP Username:
FTP Password: v5h8ziie

If you have any trouble configuring your settings for FTP
use, please visit the Web Hosting Support Center mentioned
(see below).


Your Web hosting package comes with a limited amount of
traffic for your site each month. If you go over your
traffic allotment, you'll incur additional charges. You can
monitor your traffic by visiting the Web Hosting Control
Center. Once you log in, please click the "Site Statistics"


A number of handy resources are available online at the Web
Hosting Support Center. Here you'll find support links,
online tutorials, and information about how to contact
EarthLink via live chat, email, and phone. Just click the
Help button at the upper-right corner of any page at your
Control Center. And you can always email your questions to
us at

Once again, thank you for choosing EarthLink Web Hosting,
and congratulations on launching your site.


The EarthLink Web Hosting Team

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This is an Administrative Message from EarthLink. 
It is not spam. From time to time, EarthLink will
send you such messages in order to communicate
important information about your subscription.

EarthLink does not provide subscriber email addresses
or other personal information to third parties
without your permission. The complete EarthLink
privacy policy is available online:

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